Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps, process chillers and dehumidifiers with electrically driven compressors - Determination of the sound power level - Part 1: Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps for space heating and


Document Number: NL EN 12102 1 : 2019
Sector: Energy and Heat Transfer Engineering
TC: NL TC 3018
ICS: 17.140.20 - 91.140.30 - 27.080
This European Standard establishes requirements for determining, in accordance with a standardized procedure, the sound power level emitted into the surrounding air by air conditioners, heat pumps, liquid chilling packages with electrically driven compressors when used for space heating and/or cooling, and/or for process, as described in the EN 14511 series and dehumidifiers as described in EN 810. This European Standard also covers the measurement of the sound power level of evaporatively cooled condenser air conditioners, as defined in EN 15218. However, the measurement will be done without external water feeding and these units will thus be considered as the other air conditioners covered by the EN 14511 series. It is emphasized that this measurement standard only refers to airborne noise.