Design, preparation and application of external rendering


Document Number: NL EN 13914 2 : 2020
Sector: Construction Materials and Building
TC: NL TC 59
ICS: 91.100.10
plastering systems and application of plastering systems. The different parts of the EN 13914 series of standards specify requirements and recommendations for detailing, design and material considerations, the selection of mixes and the application of gypsum plasters, gypsum/lime plasters, lightweight plasters, lime/gypsum-, cement- and cement/lime-based plasters, lime-based plasters, clay plasters, silicate plasters, organic plasters, polymer-modified plasters, etc. This standard does not deal with the following: — external finishes; — painting and/or preparation; — impregnations; — structural repair of concrete; — prefabricated fibre-reinforced plaster elements. Owing to the many and varied materials and practices and different climatic conditions in Europe it is not possible for certain aspects of the standard to enter into sufficient detail to be fully usable to practitioners in each country. Such guidance to complement, but not alter, any basic European recommendations is