Cranes -- Monitoring for crane design working period


Document Number: NL ISO 12482 : 2020
Sector: Construction Materials and Building
TC: NL TC 96
ICS: 53.020.20
This International Standard specifies a method for monitoring, during long-term operation, the actual duty of the crane, and a means of comparing this to the original design duty which was specified through classification. The related design standard is ISO 4301-1. Approaching the design life limit means an increased probability of hazards. Monitoring of crane use — as described herein — provides a tool for predicting the approach of the design limits and for focusing special inspections on the critical areas of a crane. This International Standard is intended to be used for adjusting/modifying the inspections defined in ISO 9927-1. It is applicable to cranes with a permanent construction throughout the life of the crane. It is not applicable to mobile or tower cranes, except permanently installed tower cranes. NOTE The method specified in this International Standard can be adapted to standards or rules other than ISO 4301-1 which specify classifications.