Recertification Visit (Minister Dr. Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan)

19 August, 2014

His Excellency the Minister of Industry, Dr. Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan visited the Lebanese Standards Institution on August 19, 2014 to attend the recertification ceremony that was held in the Institution’s offices in Sin El Fil. During the ceremony, Bureau Veritas, represented by its Chief Executive Officer in Lebanon, Mr. Joseph Chatta, handed the ISO 9001 Compliance Certificate to LIBNOR’s Director General, Eng. Lena Dargham and Chairman, Eng. Habib Ghaziri. The Minister highlighted the importance of the recertification, noting that LIBNOR was the first public institution in Lebanon to be certified against ISO 9001 and that it is currently the only one that managed to keep the certification for the third consecutive time. The Director General applauded achievements done by the Head of the Services Department and Quality Manager Mr. Mohamad Chamas for his efforts to keep improving the quality system and building this culture in the institution which lead to LIBNOR being recertified for the third time without any non-conformity. The Director General and the Chairman reiterated their commitment to support and improve LIBNOR’s activities and quality management system and thanked all the employees in the Institution for their dedication and hard work and handed the Head of the Services Department and Quality Manager, Mr. Mohamad Chamas a certificate of acknowledgment and appreciation for the efforts he made in this regard.