Mr. Sleiman Sleiman - Product Engineer

16 February, 2015

  1. Why did you apply for the NL Conformity Mark? For what product(s)?

API prides itself in the quality orientation in its production and services. As a member of Libnor’s technical committees for over a decade, applying and obtaining the NL Conformity Mark to our products is a true attestation that we do what we preach. It also gives us, as well as our competition, a quality benchmark to follow. We currently have the NL mark on our High Density Polyethylene pipes (HDPE), and we will pursue the mark on our other products as soon as NL standards are available for each product type.


  1. What added value do you expect to get from the NL Conformity Mark?

Having the NL Conformity Mark on our products will strengthen our call to regulate the quality standard in the utility pipe market. Having the NL Conformity Mark as a must for pipes to qualify for public work, will open the doors for fair and quality oriented competition while ensuring the end users, the citizens of Lebanon, products that meet the highest standards.


  1. How do you assess LIBNOR’s role and services?

LIBNOR plays a major role on promoting quality : whether in setting the national standards through the technical committees, or through the conformity mark that gives the trust that is needed in the product. LIBNOR’s role would have more efficacy when all the stakeholders such as ministries, public utilities, and the order of engineers collaborate to make the standards mandatory, namely the standards related to public safety, health, and national wealth.