Arab Standards Day: Unified Arab Standard to Protect the Consumer and Uphold Trade

25 March, 2015

Arab Standards Day is celebrated on March 25 of every year since 1999. This year the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) emphasized in its message on the concept of "Unified Arab Standard" and "Protect Consumer and Uphold Trade". 

On this 25th Arab Standards Day, the Director General of AIDMO, Adel Al-Saqer, announced the 2015 AIDMO slogan which focuses on the right of "the Arab consumer has the right to protection in nutrition, health, environment and services", which can be achieved through Unified Arab Standards which will "contribute to the improvement and competitiveness of the products in domestic and international markets, prop up the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA)", and ensure consumer protection.

The integral message of AIDMO Director General can be found through the below links:

- Click here for the English Version

- Click here for the Arabic Version

- Click here to download the Poster