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Arab Standards Day 2015 Poster
Arab Standards Day: Unified Arab Standard to Protect the Consumer and Uphold Trade

Arab Standards Day is celebrated on March 25 of every year since 1999. This year the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) emphasized in its message on the concept of "Unified Arab Standard" and "Protect Consumer and Uphold Trade". 


LIBNOR Opening Training Center
Minister Al-Hajj Hassan at the Opening of LIBNOR Training Center: LIBNOR Plays a Major Role in Achieving Public and Food Safety

 The Minister of Industry, Dr. Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan, was present at the opening of the Lebanese Standards Institution – LIBNOR Training Center at the Institution’s headquarters in Sin El Fil.

The event also featured the launching of LIBNOR’s new website in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Habib Ghaziri, the Director General, Eng. Lena Dargham and the staff.

Signature of MOU between LIBNOR and LIU
Signature of MOU between LIBNOR and LIU

A scientific Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Lebanese Standards Institution - LIBNOR and the Lebanese International University (LIU) on February 6, 2015 at LIBNOR offices in Sin el Fil.

Arab Quality Award 2014 - AIDMO
Arab Quality Award

The Arab Industrial Development & Mining Organization launched the 1st Arab Quality Award program for Arab countries.

LIBNOR was one of the Arab standardization bodies that played a major role in the elaboration of the Arab Quality Award Guide.

The panel that assessed the candidate factories/industries (belonging to the textiles, agro-food and petrochemical sect

Cooperation with BSI
Cooperation with International Standardization Bodies

LIBNOR received support from the British Standards Institution BSI group, under the framework of an EU funded project. The cooperation with BSI has yielded the following results in 2014:

 Sharing of experience through onsite visits of LIBNOR staff representing the marketing and training divisions to BSI headquarters and many BSI experts visiting LIBNOR offices to follow up on the implementation of the projec

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility Forum

LIBNOR and the General Union of Arab Chambers have organized the “Social Responsibility for Banks and Arab Companies” Forum in Beirut Adnan Kassar building on the 16th of September 2014. The objective of the Forum was to highlight the social responsibility of businesses, the importance of maintaining the balance between required resources and the economic and developmental needs of the community, to present some leading experiences in this area and