Q: How can we get Lebanese standards?

A: All Lebanese standards are available at LIBNOR. You need to inform our information center of your request, whether by email, telephone or fax. You will receive a reply and a quotation .

Once you confirm your order, standards will be ready to purchase within 24 hours.

 Q: How much does a Lebanese standard cost?

A: A Lebanese standard is priced according to its number of pages:

 From   1 to 10 pages: 15,000 LBP

 From 11 to 25 pages: 25,000 LBP

 From 26 to 49 pages: 35,000 LBP

 From 50 pages and more: 50,000 LBP

Q: Can't we buy Standards online?

A: Once the payment is done, soft copies of the standards could be sent to you by email.

Q: Why do standards exist?

A: Standards exist to:

• Promote international trade

• Produce safer products

• Improve the quality of life.

Q: What does LIBNOR offer?

A: LIBNOR offers:

• A network of experts

• A neutral platform where Lebanese interested parties or even competitors can meet and share common interests

• A gateway for the Lebanese stakeholders to international activities.

• An inquiry point where national, regional and international standards are available.

• A Conformity Mark (NL) for products.

Q: Why participate in LIBNOR standardization activities?

A: The importance of participating in Lebanese standards can be seen as follows:

• An opportunity to influence standards in your own field of interest

• Standards lead to:

o Larger markets

o Greater profitability

o Improved safety

o Environmental benefits

• Standards promote international trade and contribute to safer products and processes.

Q: Why is standardization a key component in a national Quality infrastructure?

A: Standardization is a key component in a national Quality infrastructure since it provides:

• Standards for the benefit of Market actors

• Standards for reference by Legislators

• Standards for Conformity assessors

• Standards for Accreditors.

Q: If we are members of a technical committee (TC), are we consequently a member of its subcommittees?

A: The member of a TC is not necessarily a member of its subcommittees (SCs). However, a potential member of a subcommittee (SC) must be a TC member first.

Q: How can we participate in the work of a Lebanese technical committee (NL TC)?

A: If you are interested in becoming a member of a certain Lebanese technical committee, all you have to do is to fill an application form.