Technical Committee

NL TC Committee Title Scope
NL TC 6 Paper board and pulps Standardization in the field of paper, board and pulps and cellulosic nanomaterials (CNM), including terminology, sampling procedures, test methods, product and quality specifications, and the establishment and maintenance of appropriate calibration systems
NL TC 11 Boilers and Pressure Vessels Standardization for boilers and for pressure vessels concerning the material used, their fabrication, design, inspection, and other requirements, operation instructions, and safety; in addition to some auxiliary equipment.
NL TC 17 Steel Standardisation in the field of Merchant steel 
NL TC 22 Road Vehicles Standardization concerning compatibility, interchangeability and safety, with particular reference to terminology and test procedures for evaluating the performance of road vehicles and their equipment
NL TC 28 Petroleum products and Lubricants Standardization of terminology, classification, specifications, methods of sampling, measurement, analysis and testing for:·       
 Petroleum, Petroleum products;     Petroleum based lubricants and hydraulic fluids;  Non-petroleum based liquid fuels;  Non-petroleum based lubricants and hydraulic fluids;  Natural gas and natural gas substitutes (gaseous fuel), in all its facets from production to delivery to all possible end users across national boundaries.
NL TC 31 Tyres, rims and valves Standardization of classifications, size designations, dimensions and ratings of tyres, rims and valves
NL TC 35 Paints and Varnishes Standardization in the field of paints, varnishes and related products, including raw materials
NL TC 44 Welding and allied Processes Standardization for welding and its allied processes, qualifications of welders, procedure specifications and qualifications, quality and welding equipment requirements, and health and safety guidance and requirements.
NL TC 47 Chemistry  Standardization in the field of the chemical industry in general, particularly the basic chemical products the use of which is current in widely different industries, and which have not been covered by any of the other technical committees. 
NL TC 48 Laboratory equipment Standardization of devices and apparatus for laboratory purposes, with respect to principles and to materials of construction, performance, dimensions and testing, as well as the terms and definitions used in connection therewith. The relative emphasis to be placed on standards of performance and on dimensional standards is to be decided by the committee, either generally or separately for each item.
Apparatus and devices constructed for personal safety aspects are excluded from the scope of TC 48.
NL TC 54 Essential oils Standardization of methods of analysis and specifications for essential oils
NL TC 58 Gas Cylinders and tanks Standardization of gas cylinders, their fittings and characteristics relating to their manufacture and use
NL TC 59 Building Construction Standardization in the field of buildings and civil engineering works covering the construction materials, public work elements, building components, equipment, machinery and hardware, decorative products…
NL TC 61 Plastics Standardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of plastics
NL TC 63 Glass containers Standardization of glass containers made from moulded glass used as a means of packaging
NL TC 71 Concrete, Reinforced Concrete and Pre-stressed concrete Standardization of the technology of concrete, of the design and construction of concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structures and of definitions and terms, as well as testing procedures 
NL TC  83 Sports and other recreational facilities and equipment Standardization of terms, dimensions, tolerances, functional, operational and performance requirements and safety requirements, as well as their testing, for sports and recreational facilities and equipment
NL TC 86 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Machinery Standardization in the fields of refrigeration and air-conditioning, including terminology, mechanical safety, methods of testing and rating equipment, measurement of sound levels, refrigerant and refrigeration lubricant chemistry, with consideration given to environmental protection.
NL TC 91 Surface active agent Standardization in the field of surface active agents and mixtures containing one or more surface active agents with or without other conventional components of soap and detergent formulations. 
NL TC 92 Fire Safety Standardization of the methods of assessing fire hazards and fire risk to life and property
NL TC 93 Starch Standardization of starchy products, ex: rice, wheat..
NL TC 94 Personal Safety -Protective clothing and equipment tandardization of the performance of personal protective equipment designed to safeguard wearers against all known possible hazards. 
NL TC 96 Cranes Standardization in the field of cranes and related equipment which suspend loads by means of a load-handling device, particularly in respect of terminology, load rating, testing, safety, general design principles, maintenance, operation and load lifting attachments.
NL TC 106 Dentistry Standardization in the field of oral health care including: terms and definitions; performance, safety, and specification requirements of dental products; and; clinically relevant laboratory test methods, all of which contribute to improved global health
NL TC 122 Packaging Standardization in the field of packaging with regard to terminology and definitions, packaging dimensions, performance requirements and tests.
NL TC 126 Tobacco and tobacco products Standardization of terminology and test methods for unmanufactured tobacco, all types of tobacco products, materials used for manufacturing tobacco products and tobacco smoke including environmental tobacco smoke aspects; specifications and questions of handling, storage, packaging and transport are included as appropriate.
NL TC 127 Earthmoving machinery Standardization of nomenclature, use classification, ratings, technical requirements and test methods, safety requirements, operation, maintenance manual format for earth-moving and related machinery.
NL TC 138 Plastics pipes fitting and valves for the transport of fluid  - Standardization of pipes, fittings, valves and auxiliary equipments intended for the transport of fluids and made from all types of plastic materials, including all types of reinforced plastics.
 - Metal fittings used with plastics pipes are also included.
 - This standardization includes - for pipes, flanges, fittings, valves and auxiliary equipments - dimensions and their tolerances; requirements for chemical, mechanical and physical properties and appropriate test methods; requirements and test methods for other properties relevant to particular applications; temperature and pressure ratings. 
NL TC 134 Fertilizers and Soil conditioners Standardization in the field of fertilizers and soil conditioners
NL TC 146 Air Quality Standardization of tools for air quality characterisation of emissions, workspace air, ambient air, indoor air, in particular measurement methods for air pollutants (particles, gases, odours, micro-organisms) and for meteorological parameters, measurement planning, procedures for Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) and methods for the evaluation of results including the determination of uncertainty
NL TC 147 Water quality Discuss standards related to drinking Water, botteled water and the various test methods to determine the water quality.
NL TC 176 Quality management and quality assurance Standardization in the field of quality management (generic quality management systems and supporting technologies), as well as quality management standardization in specific sectors at the request of the affected sector and the ISO Technical Management Board.
NL TC 180 Solar Energy Standardization in the field of solar energy utilization in space and water heating, cooling, industrial process heating and air conditioning
NL TC 181 Safety of toys Standardization of toys with respect to safety relating to their mechanical, physical, chemical and flammable properties.
NL TC 205 Building Environment Design Standardisation in the field of green  buildings
NL TC 207 Environmental management Standardization in the field of environmental management systems and tools in support of sustainable development including Water Footprint, Greenhouse Gases management, Life cycle assessment…
NL TC 217 Cosmetics Standards for cosmetic products.
NL TC 606 Gas Burning Appliances Standardization concerning the gas-fired central heating boilers.Terminology, classification, constructional and performance characteristics, test methods and marking for Gas cooking appliances. And checking procedures of the essential characteristics of the appliances fed by gas.
NL TC 750 Structural Design Standardization of structural design rules for building and civil engineering works taking into account the relationship between design rules, materials, execution and control
NL TC 1008 Food additives Standardization of Food Additives requirements and classifications
NL TC 1009 Food Hygiene Issuing codes of practices, general principles for food hygiene
NL TC 1011 Food Labelling Standardization in the field of labelling.
NL TC 1014 Methods of analysis and sampling Horizontal standards that set the methods of analysis and sampling as well as methods of inspection
NL TC 1017 Nutrition and food for special dietary use Standardization of products that have special indications or that are consumed by a specific population
NL TC 1018 Pesticides residues Standardization in the field of pesticide residues: general standards for detection and determination of pesticides residues
NL TC 1031 Sugars Standardization of all sugar products, all type of sugars (brown, white) jams, except for chocolate
NL TC 2153 Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs and feed Standardisation of all machines, in respect of all the functions which they perform in the food and feed processing chain and machines for washing articles that are intended to come into contact with food.
NL TC 2165 Waste water engineering Functional standards, standards for performance and installation in the field of wastewater engineering for systems and components. Where there is no existing material related TC, product standards for all components of discharge pipes, drain and sewer pipes, pipelines, separators etc.. Standards for design, calculation, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance in the field of wastewater engineering, from the point of origin (with the exception of the product standards for sanitary appliances*) up to the point of disposal, including treatment plants and use of treated wastewater for purposes other than agricultural irrigation. *) flushing cisterns, urinals, kitchen sinks, basins bidets, baths, (including whirlpool baths) and shower trays, 
NL TC 2197 Pumps Standardization in the field of safety and all other aspects of pumps and pumping machinery for liquids including machines using pumps for their principal mode of action.
NL TC 2207 Furniture Standardization in the field of furniture, concentrating more particularly on terminology, safety, test methods and dimensional co-ordinations. Including requirements for domestic & non domestic furniture, office, educational, hardware, surfaces and chlidren's furniture
NL TC 2252 Child use and care articles  
NL TC 2296 Tanks for Transport of Dangerous Goods Standardization of design, construction, inspection and testing of metallic tanks intended for transport of dangerous goods
NL TC 3001 Medical Devices * Standardization in the field of medical devices and their accessories, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and their accessories and active implantable medical devices with regard to terminology, safety, design and performance requirements, and to tests.
* Standardization of requirements and guidance in the field of quality management and corresponding general aspects for medical devices
*  Standardization and guidance in the field of laboratory medicine and in vitro diagnostic test systems
NL TC 3003 Temperature Measurement Equipment for foods Requirements and specifications for Measurement Equipment ( as sensors and thermometers  for foods)
NL TC 3004 Electrical lamps Standardization of electrical lamps 
NL TC 3005 Organic products Standardization of all category of organic products 
NL TC 3006 Aromatic waters Standardization of aromatic waters
NL TC 3008 Thermal Insulation Standardization in the field of thermal performance of materials,products, components, elements and systems
and in the filed of  thermal insulation materials, products and systems for building and industrial application, including insulation of installed equipment in buildings
NL TC 3009 Electrotechnical Standardization for all electrical components.
NL TC 3010 Home appliances Safety requirements and energy performance for electrical appliances primarily for household purposes
NL TC 3011 Electrical Installations Standardization concerning safety requirements for protection against electric shock arising from equipment, installations and from systems
NL TC 178 Lifts, escalators and moving walks Standardization of all aspects, including safety of lifts, service lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and similar apparatus
NL TC 3013 Social Responsibility  Studying standards related to social Responsibility
NL TC 3014 Seismic Safety Standardization in the field of seismic safety of new and existing buildings and civil works structures in terms of structural design and construction
NL TC 3015 Wind and Snow Safety Determination of the wind and snow actions and considerations for the structural design and construction of buildings and civil works structures or part of the structures under snow and wind loading, aiming to ensure reliable structures, apt to resist these loads
NL TC 3016 Non alcoholic beverages Standardization of Non alcoholic beverages
NL TC 3017 Alcoholic beverages Standardization of Alcoholic beverages
NL TC 34 SC 3 Fruits and vegetables Products Standardization of products made from fruits and vegetables, packed or canned fruits and vegetables.
NL TC 34 SC 4 Pulses and cereals products Standardization in the field of human and animal foodstuffs, covering the food chain from primary production to consumption, as well as animal and vegetable propagation materials, in particular, but not limited to, terminology, sampling, methods of test and analysis, product specifications, food and feed safety and quality management and requirements for packaging, storage and transportation(for Pulses and cereals products)
NL TC 34 SC5 Milk and Milk products Standardization of milk, cheeses, yougurt and traditional lebanese products such as Labneh
NL TC 34 SC 6 Meat, Poultry, fish, eggs and their products Standardization of meat poultry, fish, eggs and their products
NL TC 34 SC 7 Spices and condiments Standardization of spices, and condiments…
NL TC 34 SC 8 Tea Standardization of tea from primary production to consumption, in particular, but not limited to, terminology, sampling, methods of test and analysis, product specifications, requirements for packaging, storage and transportation.
NL TC 34 SC 9 Microbiology Standardization in the field of food microbiology
NL TC 34 SC 11 Fats and oils Standardization in the field of fats and oils (olive oil, vegetable oils…) butter, margarine…
NL TC 34 SC 14 Fresh, dry and dried fruits and vegetables Standardization of Fresh or Dried fruits and vegetables. PS: Canned fruits and vegetables are discussed in the Fruits and vegetables products
NL TC 34 SC 15 Coffee Standardization iof coffee and coffe products from primary production to consumption, in particular, but not limited to, terminology, sampling, methods of test and analysis, product specifications, requirements for packaging, storage and transportation.
NL TC JTC 1  Information technology Standardization in the field of Information technology including specification, design & development of systems & tools dealing with the capture, representation, processing, security, transfer, interchange, presentation, management, organization, storage and retrieval of information
NL TC 3018 Heating, Vantilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Standardization in the field of terminology, dimensioning, testing, functional requirements, maintenance requirements, performance requirements and safety requirements of:

  • Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings;
  • Heat exchangers used for heating (hot sanitary water, space heating) and/or cooling purposes;
  • Ventilation systems and components for buildings subject to human occupancy;
  • Refrigerating systems used for cooling and/or heating;
Heat pumps, air conditioning units, hydronic room fan coil units, and liquid chilling packages.
NL TC  104 Freight containers  
NL TC 182 Geotechnics

Standardization of geotechnical aspects in the field of building and civil engineering including:

  • Identification and classification of soil and rock
  • Sampling, field and laboratory testing, and testing pertaining to equipment and methods used for drilling
  • Execution procedures for special geotechnical works and of the required material properties.