Message from LIBNOR Director General









Standards are considered to be the cornerstone of any economy, ensuring its growth and competiveness and improving the welfare of the Society as a whole by reducing risks, lowering prices, increasing the quality of products and services and giving consumers greater health and safety protection.

Standards are also considered to be the common language for potential trading partners, thus facilitating transactions, increasing the acceptance of products and services by consumers, and diffusing best practice technologies.

The Lebanese Standards Institution- LIBNOR worked hard during the past years to enhance its role at the national, regional and international levels and develop consensus-based standards that improve the quality and safety of products, services and organizations, protect the environment and the well-being of the Lebanese society, and promote economic development and business competitiveness.

LIBNOR has also developed services in the fields of training, consultancy and certification to meet the stakeholder’s needs (government, consumers, business sector, etc…) in a sustainable way.

Since 2008, we were committed to having the quality culture in everything we do. We were the first public institution in Lebanon to implement a quality management system according to ISO9001:2008, knowing that meeting customer requirements, improving efficiency and optimizing processes are fundamental to our success.

We are committed to serve the Lebanese Society with Credibility and Excellence, following the highest ethical and moral standards. We believe that our Managerial responsibility extends over and above legal requirements; it is a responsibility that we create and share with our stakeholders.

We have developed this website to provide you with an easy and quick tool to access information on Quality and standards, and to facilitate your involvement in the standardization activities. We wanted it to be simple, interactive and efficient, reflecting our work and spirit. We Hope you will find it useful and informative.


Director General

Lena Dargham