NL Conformity Mark

NL Conformity Mark is a mark owned by the Lebanese Standards Institution (LIBNOR), as per law of 23-07-1962. The NL Conformity Mark indicates the conformity of certified products and goods to national standards. LIBNOR shall grant the right to use it for those who are interested on conditions, to be defined by LIBNOR.

Importance of NL Conformity Mark

Conformity Mark increases the level of customer confidence and facilitates national, regional and international trade. In fact, it will help:

  • Improve the quality of Lebanese products
  • Increase the level of consumer confidence in Lebanese products
  • Prepare Lebanese manufacturers to get familiar and eventually comply with the requirements of the Conformity Marks of other countries especially European countries (e.g NF, BS, DIN, CE, etc.), thus increasing and facilitating Lebanese exports to the EU.


Steps of Product Certification

The first step of the certification process starts by the submission of an application together with the required documents and fees.

If documents are found to be complete and requirements fulfilled, LIBNOR's audit team shall conduct the necessary on-site assessment and product analysis for full verification.

For more information on the relevant procedures, terms and conditions, please contact our Conformity Division.